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Ask for samples

On this page, you can ask for samples.

Ask for samples

On this page, you can ask for samples.

About the samples

I. General information about Nori (seaweed sheets)

We are committed to supplying products of uniform quality as much as possible, by managing the production and the process with a reference number of each item. But as Nori (seaweed sheets) is produced in a different way from other food products, please acknowledge the following features.

  1. We select material produced by several raisers and classify it into categories according to its quality. Since it is raised in a natural environment, it is inevitable to have a slight difference of quality among the lots.
  2. For the same reason, the color, the thickness and the hardness vary.
  3. Nori is vulnerable to direct sunlight and humidity. If you keep it in a hot and humid place (ex. a place close to steam regardless of the season), it may deteriorate in quality. Please store it carefully.

For the reasons listed above, please note that the samples that we send you can only represent the grades of our classification (It is very difficult to offer you exactly the same products forever). We send samples of Tea, too (except some products). Please feel free to contact us.

II. The number of samples

We can offer you up to three kinds of samples for Nori and up to three for Tea.

III. The postage cost for samples

The samples themselves are free. You are responsible for the postage cost.

Contact us via Form

You can request samples by sending us your information via form below. Please fill it following the instructions (name, telephone number, etc.), and we will contact you immediately. If you give us your email address we will answer you via email. If you don’t receive the answer after a while, it can be a technical error. In this case, please contact us again via Fax. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

You can ask for up to three kinds of samples. You are responsible for the postage cost.

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Tea (green tea)

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Contact us via Fax

If you cannot contact us via email, please send us a Fax. Please provide us with your information by following the instructions on our form above, print it out and send it to us by Fax. We will contact you immediately.

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