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These are frequently asked questions and their answers. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


These are frequently asked questions and their answers. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to order the shape and dimensions of Nori (seaweed sheets) as we wish?


The standard shapes and dimensions can be seen on the page of Nori for Sushi (No extra charge).


Is it possible to buy in small quantities?


The minimum quantities for orders are 100 or 50 sheets for Nori for Sushi, 1 package for finely-cut Nori and 1 package for Tea. Please check the related pages on this site.


How long is the delivery time?


We begin to process the product as soon as the accounts are settled. The delivery time varies according to the destination and the method of transportation. Please contact us individually. Special orders and high-volume orders may need more time than usual.


How can I pay?


Please make an advance payment via PayPal or bank transfer. We send you the estimates including the postage when you place the order. As soon as your accounts are settled, we begin to process the product.


Is it possible to receive samples?


Yes, we will send you samples of Nori and Tea (You are responsible only for postage and duty payment). Nori, one of our main products, has many kinds. We can advise you the most suitable one according to your use (Sushi, Onigiri, Ramen, etc.) .


When is the best-before date?


Our Nori must be eaten within 7 months for the best condition when the package is not open. Tea for business use must be consumed within 15 months (except some products).


Is it possible to order from any country or region of the world?


As a general rule, our products can be delivered to the destinations that EMS service covers. If your authorities regulate the import of Nori or Tea, unfortunately we cannot accept your order.


Is it possible to issue the receipt?


Unfortunately we don’t issue the receipt. Please use the PayPal receipt or the bank statement instead. We attach the statement of delivery to the product to deliver.


Is it possible to return the product if it is defective?


We are committed to providing a product of perfect quality. If you receive a defective product, please provide via email a full description of the fault within 8 days of the delivery. We take corrective measures individually. We will not consider the following cases as defective;
  1. Non-uniformity in quality due to natural production of Nori or Tea
  2. Deterioration in quality because of an unsuitable way of preservation after opening the package
  3. used products
  4. past the best-before date
  5. an imperfection and the deterioration in quality due to the treatment at the custom clearance or after the delivery
  6. your wrong order